Title: "Falling for Jendeuk's charms"...Blackpink Jennie, a burst of aegyo

Source: Naver

Date posted: January 9, 2018


1.) [+172][-6] Jendeuk is pretty

2.) [+141][-5] It's Jendeuk~~~

3.) [+134][-5] See you tomorrow at GDA

4.) [+126][-5] So pretty

5.) [+120][-4] Jendeuk is so pretty~  charming

6.) [+23][-2] Our Jendeuk is so pretty~ ㅋㅋ

7.) [+22][-2] Our Jennie's aura is daebak

8.) [+19][-2] Jendeuk's visuals are at its peak.  Why is she so pretty

9.) [+16][-1] Wow, so pretty

10.) [+15][-1] Pretty~~  So charming!!!


Title: "I miss our Blinks"...Blackpink Jennie, birth of a doll

Source: Naver

Date posted: January 9, 2018


1.) [+266][-8] I was watching 'BP House' and all the members are really pretty.  They all seem to have their individual charms

2.) [+231][-11] Queen Jendeuk's visuals.  I will be tuning in to this week's 'BP House' as well!!

3.) [+207][-10] It's Jendeuk~~!!

4.) [+195][-10] Jendeuk is pretty!!!!

5.) [+192][-10] Wow, she's really luxurious is she able to look so classy

6.) [+46][-2] Jendeuk

7.) [+46][-5] Other girl groups have got nothing on Blackpink's aura, skills and songs

8.) [+42][-1] Looking forward to tomorrow~~~

9.) [+41][-1] It's Jendeuk

10.) [+38][-1] She looks like a daughter from a rich household; very chic looking


Title: "Overflowing with fresh charms"...Blackpink Jennie, lovely visual

Source: Naver

Date posted: January 9, 2018


1.) [+328][-24] When she's still, she looks like a chic and aloof cat, but when she smiles, it's really cute and youthful looking

2.) [+263][-26] Looks really luxurious.  Human Gucci, Human Chanel

3.) [+231][-21] Jennie is so pretty

4.) [+181][-12] It's Jendeuk!!!!

5.) [+170][-21] So this is what it have your heart heart...please don't explode ㅠㅠ

6.) [+46][-5] Jennie definitely looks good in black

7.) [+41][-4] She really looks the most luxurious among the idols...and she looks good in designer clothes as well

8.) [+42][-8] Wow, are her visuals for real...Chanel Jendeuk

9.) [+32][-1] So pretty~  I'm jealous of her natural beauty ㅎㅎ Same goes for her ability to sing~~~

10.) [+32][-4] She seems the prettiest among all the idols lately


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