Title: "This visual deserves praise"....Blackpink Rosé, aura from daily life

Source: Naver

Date posted: October 20, 2017


1.) [+118][-8] Rosé seriously has an aura of a goddess...

2.) [+82][-6] Rosé, I miss our Chaeng so much...I want to see you soon.  The weather has gotten colder recently and I hope Blackpink have been taking good care of their health

3.) [+77][-7] Her voice is so nice~  it's sweet~  Not only is she pretty but she sings well; you can't help but praise her~

4.) [+68][-7] Rosé is so pretty; visuals are praisworthy

5.) [+55][-4] Rosé is pretty ㅎ Her aura...

6.) [+54][-7] Pretty Rosé~  Her waist is tiny~

7.) [+39][-3] Look at how pretty our Chaeng is ^^  Today is a good day to listen to 'Stay'

8.) [+31][-1] Definitely Rosé....she's got such a classy aura ^^

9.) [+29][-1] So pretty~

10.) [+27][-1] Rosé is really feminine....pretty...


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