Title: Blackpink Rosé "I respect our fans who know how to give love"

Source: Naver

Date posted: November 22, 2017


1.) [+134][-4] Her voice....I really like has so much soul

2.) [+128][-3] Respect for her fans..Rosé has an amazing personality.  Let's go far, together with Blinks

3.) [+121][-2] She talks so prettily.  Makes me proud to be a fan

4.) [+103][-2] Rosé, who has a good attitude, will go far.  I love you, Chaeyoung

5.) [+82][-4] I love you, Rosé

6.) [+27][-1] An unforgettable voice and a good attitude; the perfect singer.  I'm so happy as a fan.  Rosé, you do everything you want to~

7.) [+27][-1] Rosé really makes you fall for her in so many different ways and she deserves the love she gets.  I fell for her as soon as they debuted and keep sinking in.

8.) [+26][-1] Rosé is so sweet and pretty~~

9.) [+26][-1] Thanks for respecting the fans and always treating us warmly~

10.) [+23][-0] Rosé's voice is so nice ㅎㅎ


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