Title: Jennie's body in a see through one piece

Source: Pann

Date posted: October 12, 2017

When I saw her in the see through one piece, I was reminded for the 123456th time about how pretty how body line is...
It's like she's determined to be the only sexy and alluring person in the world

Isn't her body line really pretty?!
Her aura makes me speechless

Makes me wonder what she eats to get a body like this
but maybe she doesn't....?

Seriously wow
Not only does she have a nice figure but her gaze does it all

When it comes to facial expressions + gaze, she stand out the most among idols
And her alluring vibes are amazing

With that figure and that gaze, it's another level of sexiness
No matter how you look at it, she has this royal aura

She's driving me crazy on how prettier she's becoming as she gets more used to the cameras ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ


1.) [+46][-6] I really like Jennie

2.) [+45][-6] What are people talking about when they say Jennie doesn't have good proportions???  This is her flying yoga photo and her legs are long and toned, she has good proportions and there aren't a lot of people who make skinny jeans look nicely fit (I don't think those are leggings)

3.) [+43][-10] All the members of Blackpink are naturally slender.  Despite that, Jennie still dedicates herself to flying yoga and takes care of her body.  She seriously has a well toned body

4.) [+24][-2] This is a bit off topic, but I feel Jennie would look crazy good in the outfit that Seo Shin Ae was wearing today

5.) [+20][-0] Blackpink's stylists do their work well, they look elegant

6.) [+18][-6] Blackpink have already said several times that they eat freely.  They're just naturally slender.  A picture of pretty Jennie

7.) [+15][-1] *heart attack*

8.) [+13][-2] She doesn't have to be your bias to know that she's pretty

9.) [+13][-1] I want to get a wink from Jennie.  She's 163 cm but has a small face, I'm envious of her proportions

10.) [+12][-1] There are thin bodies that don't really look nice because they don't have any volume.  But body lines like Jennie's, where they look toned and encourage you to diet, are really pretty 


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