Title: [Oh!sen cut] 'Fantastic Duo 2' Rosé "Passed a 400:1 competition for my YG audition"

Source: Naver

Date posted: August 4, 2017


1.) [+1466][-27] Rosé's vocal color is definitely daebak~

2.) [+1365][-26] Calling her vocal color "nice" doesn't begin to cover's definitely a type of voice you can't hear often

3.) [+929][-28] You can't get sick of Rosé's's unique

4.) [+788][-29] I really like Rosé's vocal colors!! Hwaiting!

5.) [+649][-24] Hwaiting, Rosé!!!

6.) [+140][-3] You can trust and listen to Rosé ㅎ

7.) [+137][-5] Rosé's voice has both sexy and rich charms

8.) [+118][-5] Rosé's vocal color is like honey

9.) [+107][-5] Rosé is the best

10.) [+109][-8] Rosé's charms: feminine + honey-like voice + kind, sweet and speaks cutely + innocent and cute behavior that isn't forced + isn't fake, tenderhearted and good natured + a visual that is elegant, calm and proper yet cute, sexy and feminine at the same time + a nice body line + pale skin.  She makes me want to protect her.  Our feminine Chaeng.  She's my ultimate female idol bias..lovesick for Rosé ㅠㅠ

11.) [+99][-5] You can trust and listen to Rosé!

12.) [+89][-5] It's God's work that YG chose Rosé!!!

13.) [+85][-4] Rosé's vocal color

14.) [+85][-4] 'Knowing Bros' for tomorrow and MC Jisoo for 'Inkigayo' and Rosé for 'Fantastic Duo' the day after that, and next week, 'Party People'...there's a lot of things to watch starting happy

15.) [+82][-5] Is her body for real?

16.) [+80][-5] Looking forward to Sunday, I want to hear Rosé's honey voice soon

17.) [+67][-2] Rosé's vocal color really stands out

18.) [+72][-4] Looking forward to her appearance, hwaiting!

19.) [+63][-4] So pretty

20.) [+65][-5] Let's do well, Rosé


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