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Date posted: February 5, 2017

First, I apologize about the click bait title

I've liked Jisoo since pre-debut, and because of plastic surgery rumors, I decided to make a compilation of pre debut photos!

1. A picture Jisoo posted on Instagram a few days ago of a 6 year old Jisoo wearing a hanbok (**traditional Korean dress**)!  Her features were pronounced, even from when she was a baby
2. This is another picture of when she was younger.  She looks the same as now

3. A picture of her during middle school.  You can see that she already had a high nose bridge.  The shadow from her nose is pretty amazing, right?

4. This is pre debut Jisoo's ID photo!  She looks the same as now

Also!  Most of the people saying that she had work done bring up her nose but...

5. I put Jisoo, from the Inkigayo MC clip a few days ago, next to her middle school photo.  Looking at her mouth, I don't think she touched her teeth and her nose bridge is the same height

6. Even the people that went to the same middle school and high school as her all say that she was pretty!  Someone that had gone to the same middle school had also replied on Jisoo's post on facebook that her facial features were the same as well as her personality! ㅎㅎ

Conclusion: Blackpink Jisoo didn't do plastic surgery and is a natural beauty.


1.) [+62][-2] Her puppy like charms are amazing

2.) [+60][-2] When she was a minor ㅇㅇㅇ

3.) [+46][-1] Jisoo was really pretty when she debuted

4.) [+25][-1] That's right...even her bare face is pretty

5.) [+24][-1] 


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