Title: Blackpink, to conclude promotion with 'Inkigayo' stage on the 11th

Source: Naver

Date posted: December 9, 2016


1.) [+148][-7] Blackpink, you've worked hard this year!!

2.) [+128][-8] I really want to see Blackpink's new album quickly...^^

3.) [+124][-7] You've worked hard, Blackpink

4.) [+121][-8] Please comeback earlier next year.  Always hwaiting, Blackpink

5.) [+119][-8] I enjoyed this round of promotion!!  I'll be looking forward to your next promotion

6.) [+65][-6] This is a pity, but I really hope with their next comeback, they'll release an album rather than digital singles.  And please appear on more broadcasts;; it's hard on fans because not only can we only see them on music shows, but the music shows they go on are also limited.  They've all worked hard promoting this year with the two digital single albums and I hope that they can use this time to recharge.  Hwaiting, Blackpink!!!

7.) [+61][-5] Blackpink, thank you for this year.  Please release an album next time as well!  I hope they'll appear on more broadcasts too ㅠㅠ

8.) [+61][-5] I hope they'll make a comeback by next year February at the latest...I doubt they'll make a comeback in January as that's Akmu's month...ㅠㅠ

9.) [+61][-5] Good work Blackpink~  I really hope to see them comeback soon ㅠㅠ And I'll be looking forward to the performances at the end of the year ceremonies~~ I love you Blackpink ^___^

10.) [+55][-4] 'Whistle', 'Boombayah', 'Playing with Fire', 'Stay' and 'Whistle' (acoustic ver.)...thanks for all the good songs!


Title: Blackpink, "Sad that it's our last 'PWF' stage", sends "hand hearts"

Source: Naver

Date posted: December 11, 2016


1.) [+535][-52] Even their "hand hearts" are so pretty...

2.) [+441][-37] Their hand heart is interesting ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I love you

3.) [+323][-37] The end is just the start of a new beginning, and I'm looking forward to it.  Please continue to be even more active

4.) [+280][-33] Blackpink is pretty and cute

5.) [+261][-29] Everytime I see them doing the "hand heart" it's so interesting that I end up copying them.  ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ All four are so pretty.  I love you ♥♥♥

6.) [+66][-10] Blackpink, you've worked hard during these past 6 weeks

7.) [+57][-9] Blackpink's "hand heart" is so interesting ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8.) [+53][-8] I love you ㅜㅜㅜ Please come back soon

9.) [+47][-6] Jisoo looks pretty, even in those clothes

10.) [+45][-6] Watching Weekly Idol, I found the way they talk to be so cute ㅋㅋ

11.) [+49][-8] Blackpink' pretty again today 

12.) [+51][-9] You've worked hard, Blackpink!!  When will we be able to see them again?...ㅠ Hopefully soon??!!  I'll be waiting ^__^

13.) [+42][-6] Didn't care for them at first, but they were so cute in Weekly I have their songs on repeat ㅋㅋㅋ

14.) [+42][-6] Blackpink's so cute ♡♡♡ I'll be waiting for your next comeback

15.) [+65][-14] Jennie with long hair is so pretty ㅜㅜ It's a cure for the bob hair obsession ㅠㅠ


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