BLACKPINK has no definite color?

Title: Blackpink, what is their color

Source: Naver

Date posted: November 7, 2016

Article talks about how Blackpink's color isn't clear, the members all sound the same and that their songs sound the same.  


1.) [+1631][-67] Black and Pink!!!

2.) [+900][-55] Black Pink....

3) [+904][-78] Please promote them more...

4.) [+685][-80] Lisa's so cute when she smiles 

5.) [+669][-94] The way the members talk is so cute ❤❤ They're so pretty, can sing well and their live performances are great ❤❤ I'll be cheering you on whenever~ Hwaiting

6.) [+252][-28] Journalist Hwang Hyo Jin, I have read your previous articles, 'SM and YG, which company to invest in' and 'NCT hasn't done poorly yet'.  It's clear which company is behind this article that puts down Blackpink

7.) [+194][-15] Forget everything else, we can definitely differentiate their vocal tones....don't know whether it's because the number of members is small or that their vocal colors are all different

8.) [+198][-18] Charismatic on stage, adorable off stage ㅋㅋㅋ

9.) [+176][-15] They represent YG's color well; Jennie with her 'sticky' voice, Rosé with her charming vocal tone as the main vocal, Lisa with her unique rapping voice that isn't common in Korea and Jisoo with her stable vocal tone.  All four members' voices are different and as such, so are their charms which is Blackpink's greatest strength.  But since you keep writing articles like 'SM and YG, which company to invest in' and 'NCT hasn't done poorly yet', I can guess which company is behind this article that puts down Blackpink

10.) [+237][-37] All four of them have different vocal tone and color, so what do you mean it's difficult to different them?  You've just proven that you're tone deaf

11.) [+173][-18] They're classy and cute 

12.) [+142][-11] It's better than the several others who do the same cute concepts and release similar sounding songs.  It's nice that they're able to pull off different genres...this journalist....*barfs*

13.) [+145][-13] The songs great though ㅋㅋㅋ and addictive

14.) [+121][-7] I cherish you~~~

15.) [+123][-9] I liked how they didn't seem like rookies for their first performance but I wish I could see more of them

16.) [+120][-4] YG said that they're planning more broadcast appearances so let's just trust and wait.  Don't troll us

17.) [+102][-4] All four of the voices are very different.  Their tone and pronunciation can be differentiated and understood without having to strain our ears.  Journalist, I get that you want to drag them, but it's obvious that you didn't even bother trying to listen to them properly even once.  It would've been another story if you said that there wasn't a shocking transformation of concepts from 'Square One' and 'Square Two'.

18.) [+120][-14] (same comment as #6)

19.)  [+95][-6] If only they appeared on more music stages, more of the public would know their's been a while since a rookie group has appeared with both visuals and talent; please give them more broadcast appearances...

20.) [+83][-9] Who did Lisa's fckng pretty


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