Title: Did you know that Blackpink's stylist won an award?!

Source: Pann

Date posted: February 2, 2018

She placed 1st in the 'Stylist' portion of the 2017 'Fashionista Award'
It was 100% voted by the public
Her name is Choi Kyung Won and not only does she style Blackpink but Jung Yoo Mi as well

And this is from her interview (mainly regarding Blackpink)

- Blackpink has been receiving a lot of buzz due to how their outfits are reformed
Choi: We have a separate place we send the outfits to be reformed.  Because the members are all so slender, even if we order the smallest size, we always need to resize it to fit the girls' figures.  The members are usually involved in the creation of their outfits.  We first get a general idea of how to best compliment their individual figures and then go into the details.  For example, making a cute skirt a bit tighter, highlighting a more feminine look.  We reform the belts and jewelry ourselves, as well as adding beads to their outfits

 - Did YG have a specific request [on their style concepts]?
Choi: There wasn't anything specific, but I had to put a lot of thought into this because the older YG groups, like Bigbang and 2NE1 received a lot of love due to their strong and experimental fashion.  But I didn't think that it was necessary to have it be the same for Blackpink as well.  I wanted to make their visuals stand out even more by accentuating their feminine side.  Styling for their MVs and album covers were inspired by images that came to mind while listening to their songs.  And the outfits they wore while promoting were an extension of that overall image.  The girls aren't cemented in a specific styling "concept" and the majority of the alterations were made based on how to best compliment their individual figures.  For Jennie, cute and sexy.  For Jisoo, graceful yet youthful.  For Chaeyoung, a feminine and cheerful look.  And for Lisa, as she's the rapper, a more tomboyish look.

- You must need a lot of clothes
Choi: Yeah, we really do.  But, as it seems to be the trend to have groups with a large amount of members, I take comfort in the fact that Blackpink consists of 4 people *laughs*.  To be honest, there are slight trends that occur among idol fashion.  If the trend before was to have a more uniform look as a group, adding only minor details, the trend now, is to focus more on highlighting the individual's charms.  For example, during Blackpink's 'PWF' promotions, the motif was centered around floral prints.  So we worked really hard, looking for brands and concepts that weren't so common in Korea.  Because if we were to search out Korean brands or outfits/brands big in Korea, the chances of clashing concepts or wearing the same outfits would be high.  And again, we'd take those outfits and alter them to best fit the members' respective image
Blackpink is on a hiatus right now, so we're carefully monitoring how the other idols are dressed, and as expected, we see more of them being dressed according to their individual charms rather than giving them a uniform look.

She really does seem to understand their members' individual charms and works hard in accentuating it.

- Being a stylist must also be a plus in promoting your brand
Choi: Yes.  It's definitely beneficial.  When it comes to Blackpink, they actually try to be more helpful.  It's really cute.  Once, they came to me, smiling prettily, carrying the 'Avam' shoulder bag and told me, "It's going to get sold out".  I'm thankful that they carry it around regularly as well *laughs*

She's launched 'Avam' and it seems that Blackpink carries it around often ㅠㅠ!

It's like a toast(?) bag

Anyways, I'm happy that she's gotten an award at least like this~


1.) [+64][-1] It feels like, after Blackpink debuted, the other groups have focused less on having a uniformed look.  This stylist does her job really well.  

2.) [+47][-0] Blackpink's stylist fully deserves the award

3.) [+33][-0] After Blackpink debuted, I've seen a lot of similar styles ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4.) [+23][-1] Blackpink's stylist does well, but it works out well because it's Blackpink.  I feel like she chooses outfits that can only be pulled off by Blackpink - for example, Rosé's outfit during the 'SMA' last year or Jennie's outfit at 'Gaon' this year.

5.) [+15][-0] She really deserves it


Title: Honestly, when it comes to influencing female and male idol styling...

Source: Pann

Date posted: February 3, 2018

...hasn't Blackpink played a big part ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Haven't the stylists of both male and female idols made them wear more designer brands ever since Blackpink appeared on award shows and festivals, wearing brands like Gucci?  If we were being honest, the reason why Gucci became popular again was because of Blackpink.  And the styling of girl groups seem to become more similar to the way Blackpink is styled, whenever I'm watching the award ceremonies.  Blackpink's stylist is truly amazing


1.) [+45][-0] Blackpink's stylist does do her job the best

2.) [+43][-0] Things have definitely been influenced by Blackpink to a certain extent.  Long boots, large belts and corsets have become more common

3.) [+40][-0] I agree as well.  Floral prints became more common after Blackpink wore a lot of outfits with it during 'PWF' promotions.  They may not have been the only influence, but they certainly played a big part

4.) [+22][-0] Yeah, I rarely saw corsets before Blackpink.  But lately, it's become more common

5.) [+14][-0] I agree


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