Title: "Lovely, sultry beauty"...Blackpink Jennie, alluring figure

Source: Naver

Date posted: February 20, 2018


1.) [+1470][-134] Wow, she's really modern looking and has got this aura~

2.) [+1167][-115] The photoshoot is really nice, but just when are they going to come back...

3.) [+889][-103] Look at how pretty our Jendeuk is ^^  She's special...definitely stands out

4.) [+823][-104] Jennie is so pretty!!!

5.) [+771][-173] Jennie is the female GD

6.) [+232][-34] I think she stands out more because she isn't the standard Korean beauty.  Plus, she's got this aura

7.) [+226][-32] She's really pretty

8.) [+216][-27] How can one be so pretty in a "trendy" way...and not only is she really charming, but has such good fashion sense as well

9.) [+180][-27] She's so pretty and cute 

10.) [+171][-26] Jennie is pretty!

11.) [+156][-26] Her aura is crazy

12.) [+155][-26] The first picture is sort of sexy and then you've got her cute bunny teeth ㅋㅋ

13.) [+139][-22] Jennie is really pretty ㅠㅠ

14.) [+135][-24] Goddess Jennie ㅎ

15.) [+133][-23] Jennie's aura is already different from the others

16.) [+134][-27] Pretty ㅎ

17.) [+119][-23] Jendeuk is so pretty~

18.) [+116][-21] So cool

19.) [+113][-21] Please come back soon, Blackpink

20.) [+102][-17] Jennie is the best.  Blackpink is the best.


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