Title: Jennie' luxurious aura

Source: Pann

Date posted: January 24, 2017

Despite being a rookie, Blackpink Jennie gives off such elegant vibes@_@
She's overflowing with classy visuals and has a unique aura

Don't you agree that their stylist puts together good outfits???  It matches their concept and I really like that luxurious feel

It feels like some film premiere event or aura rarely seen in idols
Only Jennie seems to have this sort of aura

How does one have such classy and luxurious's my first time seeing someone like that
It looks like she's changed her hair color to ash brown and it really suits her!!!  Matches her aura

Even as a girl, I find her charming...especially the gap between 'cold' and 'warm''s the killing point

She's a chic yet cute cat-like type.  She'll probably be popular overseas as well

Doesn't having her hair up match her classy aura better???  IMO she was the prettiest at SMA

Because she has a nice figure, it makes the pricey clothes look even more expensive on her ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


1.) [+61][-12] Because people wanted some kind of feedback regarding the rumors, proof of Jennie's nice personality, which had been posted before the bullying rumors on pann, was re-posted.  When rumors about Jennie's personality during her homestay period came up, the actual daughter of the homestay family spoke up, saying that it was false (+included proof clips as well).  And when people doubted the girl, saying that she was only siding with Jennie because she's white, Jennie's Korean friend posted her school album photo as a proof shot on pann and defended Jennie.  How much more feedback do you all actually need?  Honestly, those who keep talking about's more like you guys are either trying to force Jennie to retire or blow up the rumor just to have an excuse to diss her.

2.) [+51][-29] Seriously fckng pretty....a cat definitely comes to mind...

3.) [+48][-6] 1. The person who started the rumor, deleted it and ran as soon as Blackpink debuted. 
                     2. Unless it's regarding their music, YG ignores these kinds of rumors, and                                                especially those that come from sites where anyone can post anything they want and
                         remain anonymous
                     3. If the person who started it disappears, what's the point of responding to them
                     4. Don't forget the bad rumors that Nam Taehyun and Tablo had to undergo...they started
                         on pann as well....keep your inferiority complexes in check

4.) [+35][-1] Pann is really annoying.  Stop putting so much effort in trying to drag other idols.  Would it kill you to put that energy into supporting and praising your biases?  It's like watching a bunch of little devils making rumors out of thin air and blowing them out of proportion.  My grandma has this saying, "The more you try and attack others, the closer you are to hell"...Instead of spending all that energy on something that you won't even benefit from, instead of venting your frustrations about being pathetic on others, use that effort to better yourself or support your bias
(*"The public will reject a lie at first, then begin having doubts and then repeat it enough and they will end up believing it"
- Joseph Goebbels*)

5.) [+34][-19] Blackpink's visual Jennie

6.) [+32][-4] Class of a journalist photo

7.) [+27][-3] The one who started the rumor, deleted and ran.  There's so much feedback regarding the rumors, but you guys don't even bother reading it and then btch about wanting feedback.  You'd rather believe writing from an anonymous source and then say the feedback from Jennie's peers are fabricated, even though they upload proof shots.  Will it take for your bias to undergo the same trouble, for you all to wake up.  

8.) [+27][-5] Wow~ this picture made left me breathless...All four of them are seriously luxurious looking and charming.  They're pretty and I wish I could see them in person....

9.) [+27][-1] She has charming visuals...classy, chic yet baby-like...she has it all.......

10.) [+26][-3] She has a nice edge to the ends of her eyes that she fits the cat-like visual to a T.


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