Title: Blackpink 'Boombayah' MV gets 100 million views in 5 months, a new record

Source: Naver

Date posted: January 31, 2017


1.) [+173][-10] Congrats Blackpink, Godbayah!!!!!!

2.) [+161][-14] Blackpink's class ♡♡♡

3.) [+158][-13] Even though Blackpink's a rookie...that's amazing....setting records

4.) [+165][-16] The fastest Korean singers to hit 100 million views with their debut song (177 days).  They have over 2 million subscribers, and as a girl group, that's first by far.  'Boombayah' MV has over 980,000 which places them first as well for girl groups (soon will reach 1 million likes)

5.) [+159][-16] I think Blackpink will blow up even more this year ^^  "First place is Blackpink anyways" ^^

6.) [+88][-5] Now all that's left if BPTV~

7.) [+81][-3] They're pretty amazing if you consider the fact that they weren't on many music shows, the number of variety show can be counted by the number of fingers on your hand, they don't have an album, they only released 5 digital singles, and they've come this far.  Please YG, do your job.

8.) [+76][-2] 'Whistle' and 'PWF', which are expected to hit 100 million views by March and April, are pretty amazing as well

9.) [+75][-2] Blackpink's amazing despite being a rookie ㅋㅋ  Now will 'PWF' will be next one to get 100 million views? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10.) [+75][-3] Congrats Blackpink!!!!!!!


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