Title: Jisoo "Take care of my skin even if I'm tired, first one to wash up among Blackpink"

Source: Naver

Date posted: January 16, 2018


1.) [+202][-14] Pretty Jisoo

2.) [+174][-15] Jisoo is the best

3.) [+164][-14] I find her the prettiest lately.  She's got an outgoing personality and is kind~  Hwaiting

4.) [+135][-13] Chu is pretty.  One top

5.) [+130][-11] Let's go Jisoo

6.) [+45][-4] I'm an ahjumma and I find Blackpink to be the most amazing lately...they lack nothing, whether it's their singing, dancing, visuals or height...I hope my daughter grows up like this too

7.) [+46][-6] I think she's the prettiest among the girl groups

8.) [+41][-3] Top visual

9.) [+41][-4] Pretty

10.) [+25][-1] JiChu is the best


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