Title: 'Comeback D-1' Blackpink, revealing 'Playing with Fire' + 'STAY' tonight

Source: Naver

Date posted: October 31, 2016


1.) [+47][-2] Let's do well Blackpink~

2.) [+45][-3] Finally they're coming back.  I've been waiting long and missed you ㅠ

3.) [+33][-1] Oohhhhh!! Looking forward to it!  I like Blackpink!

4.) [+28][-0] Let's do well Blackpink!!!!!!

5.) [+20][-0] I'll be looking forward to it...

6.) [+18][-0] Song-wise, can't hate on them

7.) [+34][-6] Honestly, the song's fckng great

8.) [+16][-0] 'Playing with Fire' MV making will be released at 12

9.) [+11][-0] I honestly really like it...;;;

10.) [+10][-0] Wow the song is fckng great


Title: Blackpink, 'Playing with Fire' MV making released...alluring + unique

Source: Naver

Date posted: October 31, 2016


1.) [+63][-3] Music you can trust, YG...today go go

2.) [+60][-2] It's seriously fckng dope.  I got goosebumps at the vocals!!!

3.) [+59][-2] Their vocal colors perfect the song ㅜㅜ Why are they so cute ㅠ The way they talk is so stan-able...I want more!!  I want to hurry and see the choreography as well!!  Same goes for their music performances and variety appearances

4.) [+62][-4] I really like the beat...Teddy's definitely good

5.) [+47][-2] I'll be looking forward to a good song from Blackpink!!  Hwaiting on this round of promotions!

6.) [+38][-1] Rose's "My love is on fire" renders me speechless.  It's like a breathe of fresh air.  Looks like their MAMA voting score will go up now

7.) [+38][-1] Kyaa the beat is amazing

8.) [+37][-1] Wow, the beat, the choreography and their vocal colors...daebak

9.) [+36][-1] I have a feeling the new songs will hit daebak.  I really like it~~~ They're so unique

10.) [+17][-2] The song's honestly fckng dope ;;;;; the beat is amazing


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