BLACKPINK, showed the power of a monster rookie

Title: BLACKPINK, showed the power of a monster rookie

Source: naver

Date posted:  September 2016

The photos of monster rookie,BLACPINK has finally published.

Entertainment Life Style Magazine 1st LOOK's for September issue presented four girls who are away for a road trip, running from the busy life. It also revealed a breathtaking charms of the four BLACKPINK members, Jenny,Jisoo,Lisa and Rose.

BLACKPINK usually had powerful and gorgeous image on stages, but this time they came out with natural look featuring a dark make up. Basically there are 4 colors representing 4 personalities of girls who are going to a trip freely.

BLACKPINK's members have vintage as their concept with car as the background. To match the casual look they wear denim knitwear, shorts,knee socks featuring leather jacket. It makes it a perfect vintage American Teen look.

Moreover, this talented newly debuted girl group of YG has already secured first place to almost all music sites and real time chart. They also crowned the "monster rookie" title because of the top ranks on major music sites. This is indeed shows a remarkable pace of a super rookie.


[+855,-78] Their bodies look unrealistic (in good way) look at their skinny legs wahh~

[+661,93] Jisoo is absolutely pretty

[+649,-99] BLACKPINK in your area~ Jennie with her explosion of pretty aura

[+487,-64] I predicted it since their debut teaser pictures, but why are they even good at getting their pictures taken in cf's like this?

[+418,-65] so beautiful

[+169,-42] Mine is Lisa so pretty yet skillful keke her pose is also so natural

[+140,-23] Though they are only 4 people, yet their own style and visual is enough

[+140,-26] Their aura is very nice, congrats for #1 on Genie monthly charts

[+118,-18] These 4 people are not only pretty but charming, thats what make them pretty

[+98,-21] I love BLACKPINK the most lately

[+91,-18] Reebok's model is BLACKPINK!! Reebok will do so well

[+84,-16] To be very honest look at their aura ;;;;;;;;;;look as if they debuted 10 years already

[+77,-13] They are so different from these new groups that just pretend to be exotic and pretty, BLACKPINK is the true beauty

[+73,-7] I can't tell who is prettiest since everyone is pretty

[+72,-15] Jisoo is so pretty and so cute ♡

[+61,-14] Now it will be more perfect if there is an article saying about BLACKPINK TV which will be broadcasted at 10PM... The probability is always there though

[+57,-11]  Lisa and Rose legs are so long Jennie and Jisoo's bodies are so good~~

[+55,-10] I miss you BLACKPINK~~♡,♡

[+54,-11] Wow, everyone is so pretty! How awesome getting a cf.. Indeed God BLACKPINK's beauty, please make them shoot more cfs

[+53,-11] BLACKPINK advertisement is so pretty!!

[+51,-10] Doing well at singing and being pretty

[+49,-8] Please make them appear on TV more oftenㅜㅜ don't save them too much

[+40,-7] When I watched Inkigayo, these girls are so good at singing as well as dancing... I am so envious that they are this pretty as wellㅜㅜ


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