BLACKPINK before debut is 'SO HOT'... Dance practice video reaches 2M views

Title: BLACKPINK before debut is 'SO HOT'... Dance practice video reaches 2M views

Source: Naver

Date posted: July 2016

[OSEN] YG rookie girl group BLACKPINK released dance practice video as a complete team for the first time prior to their upcoming debut, grabbing all the attention. By reaching 2M views, BLACKPINK proved an overwhelming interest towards them. They lead all the interest, and then lead again.
YGEnt's side published the first dance practice video of BLACKPINK last week on the 6th. After a day of its release, it surpassed 1M views, also broke a record 2M views in 4 days, hence proving the overwhelming interest. This is a very unusual case, for having this hot response and gaining so much popularity even before BLACKPINK official debut. This is how much BLACKPINK show great interest. Through this video, BLACKPINK has successfully proved their skills. Along with members' profiles and solid filmography, their skills were proven. With 4 members' strongest skills and the intense charms that they showed, it was labeled as a 'jaw-dropping' video by fans. BLACKPINK led the explosive response through a dance practice video alone. So, after debut, they are expected to write new and more records.


[+42,-6] What kind of concept will BLACKPINK show? I am so curious.
[+35,-6] 2M views??? It hasn't even reached 1 week after release, but 2M? They are amazing.
[+31,-5] Dance practice video's concept itself is too strong, I am anticipating how their debut song will be.
[+43,-11] Rather than having too many members, 4 members are enough.
[+14,-2] YG indeed have always gone so amazing even before debut.
[+4,0] Other girl groups only have 2 members who are popular and honestly when their group only has 1 or 2 members who are famous, the other members will be behind them!! When 4 members of BLACKPINK are all already known and popular, they will succeed!


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